Changes in 2012

I feel my photography is currently changing. I’m drawn away from landscapes, more towards civilization and the things that surround me every day. Part of that is working with black and white. When talking to people about my images during last year, I recognized that I see colors differently than many other persons. I see them more muted. This may be a reason why I over processed some images in the past. One thing that I know for a lot of years is that I have red-green blindness. Not that useful for a color landscape photographer. These are only two reasons why I’m moving into black and white photography more and more. It’s a very challenging travel, but this hard work gets rewarded from time to time. I’m also constantly thinking about my subjects and the stories behind them. When I started photography, it was about feelings and stories for me. In landscape photography, it is about showing the beauty of nature. So in a way, I’m getting back to the roots a little bit.

My first image this year is about architecture. It also includes a thing I love in photography: simplicity. In february, I took trips to my former hometown Magdeburg and did a lot of long exposures. I also bought a heavy tripod to be able to shoot during strong winds and to slow down my way of working even more. After three travels to this place, the light and the clouds finally showed up like I wanted.

„Right Back“
Canon EOS 450D, 17mm, Iso 100, F11, 60s

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  1. Nutzer Avatar

    Das Bild wirkt ziemlich gut! Schwarz-Weiß in Verbindung mit dem Himmel, richtig klasse! Auch die Spiegellungen haben was. Alles in allen sehr edel!

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